Day 6


The day started with a two-hour lecture on Roma communities in Hungary and Romania. As we learned yesterday about the Bayashi language we were thrilled to learn today more about life on the banks of the Danube.

We met some wonderful people who have been working and living within Roma communities in Hungary so we also got the chance to hear about their experience and their honest thoughts on the life on Romani people. One of the highlights of the morning was the interactive lecture with questions about Hungary and Roma communities that offered us the chance to test our knowledge on these subjects.

The main focus in the language session was getting around a Slovak festival. Our enthusiastic teacher taught us how to buy tickets, ask for directions and generally make the best of any festival, when in Slovakia. Also, Manuel had a short discussion with Olga concerning the Slovak minorities in Romania.

The most challenging thing our team had to do today was deciding on what to put in the documentary video, as Tiffany and Lizzie had many ideas and many minutes of video and audio recordings. Fortunately, we were really productive so we came with a good plan for our video, in the end.

We look forward to the screening, on Friday.