Vexing Vexillology

Slovakia’s flag uses the traditional Pan-Slavic colours of red, white and blue (Other Slavic countries using the Pan-Slavic colours are Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia and the Czech Republic). The meanings of these specific colours are debatable but overall the colours are supposed to represent unity between the Slavic countries. In one sense, this common use of colours between the Slavic countries can be interpreted as the Slavic countries attempting to embrace global citizenship by overcoming their differences and recognising their common ancestral roots. On the other hand, using these colours can be seen as excluding countries like Hungary and Romania who are not Slavic and who use different colours on their flags (eg. Hungary has the colour green while Romania has yellow). In this sense, the flags represent challenges to the idea of global citizenship.


Otherwise, the flag of Slovakia includes the coat of arms which gives extra meaning and identity to the flag. The double cross is a symbol of Slovakia’s Christian faith while the three blue hills represent the three symbolic mountain ranges: Tatra, Fatra and Mátra.

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