Summer School 2015

Добре дошли to the page of the Bulgarian group! We will use this space to document our exploration of the Danube. An estimated 35,000 to 80,000 UK residents are Bulgarian-born, visible examples of which include the London Bulgarian choir, the Plovdiv Bulgarian Café in Haringey, and the Bulgarian Cultural Institute.

The London Bulgarian Choir singing ‘Pilentce Pée’, a freedom-fighting song


You can also find examples of past Bulgarian groups’ work below.

Navigator: Max Lambertson

Crew: Aliyah Warshow, Alzbeta Kurdelova, Amy Denham, Caitlin Shears, Ghadeer Emara, Grace Hall, Hannah Hill,  Jo-yee Yap, Julia Brzozowska, Natalie Steinhouse, Rachel Norman, Taofeek Oyedele

Love for languages

I’ve always loved languages. Not that I thought I would be really good at them, but I was genuinely intrigued by the fact that they work differently from each other. You can’t just assume that because something works in one language it will work in other too. But when it does, it makes me happy. … Continue reading Love for languages

The Economy of Bulgaria

In the 20th century, postwar Bulgaria saw its economy in a downturn following Germany’s defeat. This was a country shaken by the war, but not crippled. And there was ample space for growth. After the Bulgarian Communist Party rose to power, the country followed the Soviet model of economic development more closely than any other … Continue reading The Economy of Bulgaria

Bulgarian literature in the UK

On June 4th the Free Word Centre in Farringdon held a translation pitch, where translators pitched works of foreign literature that they would like to translate into English, and samples of the works were read out. One thing particularly striking about the event was how far the Bulgarian work, the novel Ruin by Vladimir Zarev, … Continue reading Bulgarian literature in the UK

A view of Bulgarian mountains

Bulgaria is known for its mountain ranges. Thanks to its 37 mountains, Bulgaria attracts many ski and snowboard enthusiasts in the winter as well as hikers in the summer. Tourists have many options to choose from. The best mountains to ski or hike include Rila, Pirin and Belasitsa. Rila is located in the southwest of the country, and is … Continue reading A view of Bulgarian mountains

The Dodo, the Quagga, the Danube Sturgeon and Us – Can You Spot the Pattern?

There is black gold hiding in the depths of the Danube, they say. And ‘they’, are not wrong, if the illegal markets, crime rings and transnational organisations scattered throughout Europe have anything to say about it. But these gold-miners are quickly depleting the supposed treasure beyond the point of rescue, killing off a species that … Continue reading The Dodo, the Quagga, the Danube Sturgeon and Us – Can You Spot the Pattern?

Bulgarian Orthodoxy

Eastern Orthodoxy is the third largest branch of Christianity after Catholicism and Protestantism, yet it is a branch that many of the people in Western European countries know nothing about. This remains unchanged even after the entrance of countries with a large Orthodox population into the European Union. 8% of the population of European Union, … Continue reading Bulgarian Orthodoxy