Summer School 2015

Добре дошли to the page of the Bulgarian group! We will use this space to document our exploration of the Danube. An estimated 35,000 to 80,000 UK residents are Bulgarian-born, visible examples of which include the London Bulgarian choir, the Plovdiv Bulgarian Café in Haringey, and the Bulgarian Cultural Institute.

The London Bulgarian Choir singing ‘Pilentce Pée’, a freedom-fighting song


You can also find examples of past Bulgarian groups’ work below.

Navigator: Max Lambertson

Crew: Aliyah Warshow, Alzbeta Kurdelova, Amy Denham, Caitlin Shears, Ghadeer Emara, Grace Hall, Hannah Hill,  Jo-yee Yap, Julia Brzozowska, Natalie Steinhouse, Rachel Norman, Taofeek Oyedele