Ukrainian National Symbols

Державний гімн України- Ukrainian National Anthem

Ще не вмерла Україна- Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished

Ще не вмерла України і слава, і воля,

Shche ne vmerla Ukrayiny i slava, i volya,

Ukraine’s glory has not yet died, nor her freedom,
Ще нам, браття молодії, усміхнеться доля.

Shche nam, brattia molodiyi, usmikhnet’sia dolia.

Upon us, compatriots, fate shall smile once more.
Згинуть наші воріженьки, як роса на сонці.

Z-hynut’ nashi vorizhen’ky, yak rosa na sontsi,

Our enemies will vanish, like dew in the morning sun,
Запануєм і ми, браття, у своїй сторонці.

Zapanuyem i my, brattia, u svoyiy storontsi.

And we too shall rule, brothers, in a free land of our own.
Приспів x2 Refrain x2
Душу й тіло ми положим за нашу свободу,

Dushu y tilo my polozhym za nashu svobodu,

Souls and bodies we’ll lay down, all for our freedom,
І покажем, що ми, браття, козацького роду!

I pokazhem, shcho my, brattia, kozats’koho rodu!

And we will show that we, brothers, are of the Cossack nation!

The lyrics of the national anthem is an adaptation of patriotic 1862 poem by Pablo Chubnsky, a prominent ethnographer at that time. In 1863, Mykhailo Verbytsky  Ukrianian composer and priest composed music to accompany the poem. The anthem’s music was officially adopted in January 1992 and its lyrics March 2003.

Ukrainian National Flag and Coat of Arms

flagThe Ukrainian flag was adopted on January 28, 1992. The blue and yellow national colours of Ukraine originated in 1848 and came from the coat of arms of the city of Kyiv. Ukraine officially adopted a blue and yellow national flag in 1918. The flag was the same as the one flown in 1848, yellow on top of blue. In 1918, the colours were reversed. Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union on August 24, 1991. The colour BLUE represents peace, the sky above Ukraine and its streams while YELLOW represents prosperity and the colour of Ukraine’s wheat fields.

The Ukrainian Coat of Arms or more commonly known as the Тризуб (Tryzub, trident). Featuring the same colours as its flag, it was adopted in February 1992. The Тризуб is a blue shield with a yellow trident.


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