Log Book: Slovakia Summer School 2015

Here is the daily log of the Slovakia sector of the Summer School, updated by a member of our group, stating the events that have occurred during the day, our findings, views and perspectives.

Day 1 –

Outline of our first impressions, our opinions of the day and a welcoming to the Global Citizenship Programme. Credits to Mary Newman for this log post:


Day 2–

We had our flagship lecture, where Michael Berkowitz gave us a lecture on the daily actions of Jew, exploring Global citizenship as well as learning some more Slovak vocabulary. Credits to Caroline Walter for this log post:


Day 3 

Day three consisted of learning more about the Danube and enriching our knowledge of Slovak culture in the process. In addition to learning about the entymology, history, continuity and trend changes in Slovak culture we explored further how this links to being a global citizen. Credits to Bradley Soh for this log post:


Day 4 – 

Day four consisted of Professor Michael Stewart, from UCL Anthropology giving us a lecture on the Roma of Hungary. We explored how the government, policy and consumerism impacts on not only the notion of “Culture” but the phenomena of “culture”. After an interactive Kahoot from Stewart as well as learning extra vocabulary through our Slovakia class as well as learning about linguistics and a melting pot of ethnicities. Credits to Marianne Kokoczka for this post:


Day 5 – 

Credits to Charlotte Brett for this post:


Day 6 – 

The main event of day six was the UnConference. This gave us the opportunity to explore the other strands’ viewpoints and ideas of global citizenship. We thus gained a more rounded conception of the different aspects of global citizenship as ideas about HIV, water supply, sustainable cities and the voice of the media were shared. Credits to Laura Russell for this post:


Day 7-

Ádám Nádasdy gave us a lecture focussed on languages along the Danube exploring the differences and similarities of the different language and approaching it from a linguistic perspective. This was followed by project work and our final Slovak language lesson with Olga! Credits to Olivia Marshall for this post:


Day 8-

Credits to Tenghua Huang for this post:


Day 9-

Credits to Caroline Walter for this post:


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