Njam, njam!

Serbian cuisine is a product of its history and is thereby an integral element of the country’s culture. Gastronomy combines fresh Mediterranean flavours with rich dishes rooted in the Ottoman Empire and Middle East, a characteristic shared by all of the former countries of Yugoslavia. Food serves to highlight one of the most admirable qualities … Continue reading Njam, njam!

Glazba to My Ears

Music is undoubtedly a fundamental aspect of any country’s culture. In Serbia, this is epitomised by EXIT Festival, a famous celebration of democracy and freedom in the Balkans. It started in 2000 as a collaborative student movement in the University Park. Many former parts of Yugoslavia and surrounding countries – Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro … Continue reading Glazba to My Ears

Roma Rejection in Serbia

Poverty, unemployment and discrimination. These are just some of the hardships faced by the Roma in Serbia, sometimes called ‘Cigani,’ of whom there are approximately 500,000. They came to the Balkans in the 13th century and have stayed there ever since. The prejudice associated with Roma identity means that actual data on the population is … Continue reading Roma Rejection in Serbia

Boyash Pockets

The history of the Roma people speaking the Boyash dialect encompasses fascinating accounts into culture and language crossing traditional barriers and transcending alphabet and geographical borders to give a unique adaptation of a people who migrated extensively between Central and Eastern Europe. To a native Romanian speaker, Boyash is just that: Romanian. The intelligibility between the dialect and … Continue reading Boyash Pockets