The Danube Strategy – Reflections

I was slightly taken away when this elegant lady walked into the room and immediately bombarded us with self-reflective questions like

“Why did we chose to take up this Summer programme “The Danube”?”

Well, I never really seriously gave this a thought as I was like “Well, this Summer programme sounds interesting. Let me give this a go.”

This was the beginning of a quite interesting sharing of “The Danube Strategy: An EU initiative”. I wouldn’t say that it was a lecture as she gave us her perspective of the Danube strategy and most importantly what she learnt. The way she presented it was as if we are in the shoes, experiencing the same thing as she is and I have learnt a lot from what she has presented.

“When info travels, it becomes distorted.”

“Politicians do not necessarily think and act for the benefit of the society”

“Equality and Trust is very important for Co-operation”

“Find your Heroes”

This sums up what she has learnt from the Danube strategy and what I have learnt from her account.

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