Kosher Food in London

On Thursday, two of us went to a kosher restaurant, called SOYO in Golders Green road. While Whitechapel is always regarded as the most well-known Jewish area in London,  Golders Green is also one of the largest Jewish areas in London, and Yiddish-speaking people account for a prominent part of the community there. The Jewish history of Golders Green began with the establishment of a Jewish cemetery closed to Hoop Lane, and the opening of Golders Green Crematorium in 1902. After the tube station of Golders Green opened in 1907, the district witnessed a significant development. The Jewish community centres  on the intersection of Golders Green Road and Finchley Road and  Hendon.London_Bed_and_Breakfasts_in_Golders_Green

In order to know more about the Yiddish cuisine, we need to acknowledge about the kosher food as most Yiddish people would only eat kosher food. Kosher is a Hebrew word which means proper, more specific, it means the item that meets the Jewish law. There are different reasons that Yiddish people eat Kosher. Some people insist that kosher food is less vulnerable to bacteria. Others think the characters of the people who consume the non-permitted species of animals might be effect as there might be a link between them. Overall, from the perspective of Jewish, eating kosher food are good for people’s metabolism and good for the whole environment. As we have heard from our Yiddish language teacher, nowadays it is hard to find a typical Yiddish cuisine due to the globalization. Gradually, there are different types of kosher food, for example, Chinese, Korean, Italian, and etc.  There are over 40 different Kosher restaurant located in Golders Green, and Soyo, surprisingly a rather modern designed one, was where we decided to visit.

After we got into the restaurant, we have talked to the waitress who works for SOYO for a while, she told us that most of customers are having Yiddish background as the food that sold in the restaurant are kosher and also modern Yiddish food. After we looked at the menu, there was only fish and vegetables and no meat. The waiter told us that 90% of the customers are Jewish.

We ordered pasta and vegetables and salmon and potatoes mash.  The food was delicious, and if this is what kosher food is like, we would go again.

We recommend it.

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