Austria in London – Short film about Peter at Newcomer Wines

Firstly we browsed Google for a few hours searching for Austrian or German culinary locations in London. Ultimately we decided to make our film about Newcomer Wines, a revolutionary wine store selling only Austrian wines in Shoreditch. This trendy location captures the authentic essence of the city rather than ‘tourist London.’ It’s renowned for it’s artsy scene and upcoming area. We felt this was the perfect atmosphere for a new business aiming to merge Austrian and London cultures. We were interested in Newcomer because it intentionally avoided perpetuating stereotypes about Austria.
We wanted to convey the idea of combining two cultures through our music choice. We chose a track by Klangkarussell, an Austrian dance music duo, remixed by a London DJ; this showed cultures colliding seamlessly.
We feel that Peter, the owner of the wine store, embodies the characteristics of a global citizen. Although he promotes aspects of Austrian culture, he also embraces London culture – clearly demonstrating his open-mindedness. At Newcomers, Danubian culture flows seamlessly into Thames’.

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