Final Film Project: We Won’t Let Anybody Push Us Down

This is the final film project of the Yiddish group of the Danube strand. We were very lucky to meet Bella Kerridge, a very interesting, sharp and talented woman in her 90s who emigrated from a town near Odessa to London in 1939. She speaks five languages, she has a truly wonderful voice and, despite being blind, she has seen the world. We also want to thank Barry Davis for not only being an inspiring Yiddish teacher and a great singer but also for opening up so many opportunities for us to meet Bella and visit the Shalvata centre. And finally of course many thanks to the Shalvata team and members who welcomed us so warmly and shared some of their stories with us. It was a great pleasure!

Film team: Jiayu Liu, Jude Omidiran, Lily Parsey, Xianya Qiu