Ataman : Der Filmemacher

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London is a city where thousands of people come to realise their dreams. Like them, Ataman, came to London one and a half months ago, to achieve his dreams.

 “I want to make films here, that’s the long term before that a lot of assisting, anything that gets me there.” he says.

Of Turkish and German descent, Ataman grew up near Munich in Germany but has been moving around since the age of thirteen. In his short time here, Ataman has grown to love the people of London, the city itself and all that it has to offer. He has already found a few of his favourite places in Camden town, Shoreditch and Archway, where he currently resides. London in all its diversity has a number of German restaurants, one of which, Herman ze German, Ataman currently works at. When asked about the differences he sees in German food here and back home, he admits that some food has been “Americanised”, while a lot of other dishes have stayed true to their origin. And while London cannot offer all of his favourite German comfort food, he appreciates the fact that he can have Schnitzel, whenever he pleases.

While he has now settled into his new life here, there are still some things Ataman misses about Germany.  He mentions how respectful people are toward the law and their communities, when asked about his favourite things about Germany. He also misses the “beer garden culture” back home, the sentiment of sitting with strangers in a garden, something he feels, a fast paced and often isolating city like London, fails to offer.

Many perhaps believe, moving away from one’s country and starting your life over in order to achieve your dreams, is one of the most daunting tasks one can imagine. While others may feel home sick as they get used to new ways of life, Ataman seemed to have escaped many of the trials and tribulations accompanied by starting one’s life in a new country. He believes that England and Germany are fairly similar in their culture as well as the ways in which everything functions. He feels that European countries are similar, owing to their close proximity to each other.

The fact that Ataman has moved around a lot throughout his life has perhaps been one of the key factors which have allowed him to move across Europe to fulfil his desire to be a feature filmmaker. Extensive travelling has enabled him to have more opportunities not only to work but also explore different cultures, something that would benefit him as he tries to tell the stories of different people on screen. Many believe that the world is fast becoming globalised which has led to an increasing need for us to be more global in our outlook of the world and our circumstances. Ataman’s adaptability to different situations, owing to his exposure to different cultures will not only help him pursue his passion but also become a true Global Citizen.