Slovakia- the “Little Big Country”

Open any tourist guidebook on Slovakia and you’ll be greeted by impressive pictures and dreamy descriptions of lush mountains, silver lakes, dense forests and endless meadows, all dotted with traditional little villages and imposing stone castles leftover from the Hapsburg Empire. And this rather romanticised image of Slovakia (yep, Western Europe is once again guilty of a little Orientalism) is actually true.

slovakia pic 1

The Slovaks take great pride in their beautiful nature and many tourists travel to Slovakia for the amazing hiking, rock climbing, skiing and white water rafting. There are also plenty of spas for a more relaxed holiday; lots of cool (literally) caves such as Demänovská Caves and castles like Bojnice Castle. So proud are the Slovaks that their 2010 Eurovision entry (let’s skip the fact it didn’t qualify) even sang “The most beautiful trees are in Horehronie” (Horehronie is a central region in Slovakia).

slovakia pic 3

slovakia pic 2

Slovakia truly is a “Little Big Country”- it may be small but it offers a wealth of activities and amazing sites.

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