Summer School 2014

Here is a selection of projects on which the Romania group worked last year in the second edition of the summer school.

Romania and the Danube

Delta Dunării Danube Delta Environment and Tourism Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991, the Danube is the only river in the world that passes through a whopping 10 countries, terminating in Romania where it enters the Black Sea. A large part of the Danube’s touristic activities are located in the Romanian city of … Continue reading Romania and the Danube

Romania in London

Romania in London Îmi pare bine! Nice to meet you! Romanian migration to the UK saw a boom following Romania’s entry into the European Union in 2007. Northern boroughs have primarily seen an influx of Romanians in London, notably Barnet, Enfield and Waltham Forest. The Romanian group is keen to explore the country’s food shops, … Continue reading Romania in London

“Would Romanians Vote for Ceaușescu If He Were Alive Today?” A Review by Joseph Lambert

    The following review addresses an article published by Vice Magazine. Nicolae Ceaușescu is a man who gets what he wants, when he wants. He ordered that his near illiterate wife be awarded a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Bucharest and that she become deputy president of Romania. He also had a … Continue reading “Would Romanians Vote for Ceaușescu If He Were Alive Today?” A Review by Joseph Lambert

Dracula and Vlad the Impaler

“Though many Westerners are baffled that a man whose political and military career was as steeped in blood as was that of Vlad Dracula. The fact remains that for many Romanians he is an icon of heroism…It is this duality that is part of his appeal.” Elizabeth Miller, Journal of the Dark magazine Bram Stoker’s … Continue reading Dracula and Vlad the Impaler

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