Magyarok vagyunk!

Introducing the Danube-on-Thames Hungarian crew!

Hi, I am Amy. I’m a first-year student studying French and German. I love learning languages and chose Hungarian because I was eager to try something completely different.

My name is Clara and I study history. I am interested in languages and interactions of cultures. That’s why I chose Hungarian: it is a non-Indo-European language in the middle of Europe.

My name is Harriet and I am a second-year student studying French and Italian. I chose to study this strand because I previously lived in Hungary as a child and wanted to see Hungary as an adult.

My name is Maggie and I am first-year student doing social sciences. I chose to this strand because it’s fun to study the clashes and interactions between the cultures in the Danube area.

My name is Maria and I come from Cyprus. I am a first-year student studying computer science. I chose this strand because it allows me to study cultural differences, something quite different from my course. As I already speak Greek, English and French, I chose to study Hungarian to hopefully visit Hungary in the future!

Robert’s my name, languages are my game. I’m a first year student of Psychology and Language Sciences – who, about four years ago, used to hate languages (I learned that “mujer” was Spanish for woman in my third year). Now, I love studying what makes languages unique. I love the phonology and orthography of Hungarian, and I really look forward to delving deeper into the culture with the rest of the crew!

My name is Theodora and I am studying history of art. As a first year student, I enjoy every opportunity to learn something new and exciting. That is the reason I joined the global citizenship programme.

My name is Yiwei, a first-year Psychology student from China. I chose this strand because I have developed a really strong interest in cultures and languages after being an exchange student. I chose Hungarian because this is a very different language and it seems fun to study a less-studied language.

My name is Tahmid, and I am a first year doing Natural Sciences. After a year of pure science, it is really nice and refreshing to take part in a stream that is completely different to what I am usually used to, and learning about the culture around the Danube river and the Hungarian language is the perfect opportunity to do so.

My name is Darius and I am studying Computer Science. The main reason for involving in this programme and joining the Hungarian team is in face because the town from which I come from was part of Hungary during the World War 2. Moreover, I haven’t been able to get the opportunity to get to know many things about Hungary’s culture.

I am James and I study neuroscience and medical physics ( My parents think i have the most impressive sounding degree ever.) But before this I studied Philosophy and then Anthropology at also at UCL. I was immature for my age so I took some time off and traveled. I actually spent 3 months last year in the Danubian region ( I have visited Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Poland and the Ukraine) where I became fascinatd by the people and culture. It was a time of great personal development so what better way to repay the debt than to help understand the global voyage from this perspective.

And my name is Pola(nd), I am the Navigator of the Hungarian Team. I developed an interest for cultural and linguistic diversity of the Danube region when I signed up for a “Languages in contact on the Danube” module, during my BA in Russian and Eastern European Languages. This has lead me to studying Linguistics for my Masters, as well as conducting my own research on the region. This year I am spending all summer in Budapest, Hungry – so I thought it would be fitting to take on the Hungarian team!

Being in the Hungarian group means getting to know a culture we have all yet to explore, and you never know – we might eventually become fluent!