Summer School 2016

Welcome aboard the HMS Danubius for this leg of the journey from the plains of Vojvodina to the Romanian border! We have plenty of fresh local produce on board and plenty of tales to tell as we journey through this beautiful and complex region. We hope you’ll enjoy the sites and that you may even learn something along the way.

In the course of this journey we were fortunate enough to encounter Anja Predojevic who is a young Serbian artist living in London. Born and raised in Novi Sad, her art is deeply influenced by her childhood in Serbia and the “troubled times” of the 1990s.  Whilst her early work was more explicitly political than the colourful abstracts she recently produced as part of her ‘Synergy of Nature and Nurture’ collection, she now cites the Serbian landscape as an increasing inspiration – in particular her grandparents’ mountainous home town of Vrdnik. 

Her work can be found at

We interviewed Anja on Sunday 5th June at her studio in South Kensington:

The log book of our stimulating journey can be found here: Log Book

Navigator: Alexander “Sasha” Mesarovich

Crew: Sura Abdullayeva, Rory Forsyth, Alfred Harwood, and Helen Sou.

One Language, Two Alphabets

By wandering the streets of Serbia, one will quickly notice something very unique about the country: its use of two alphabets; both the Serbian Cyrillic script (ћирилица) and Serbian Latin alphabet (latinica), also known as Gaj’s Latin alphabet, are used to transcribe the variant of Serbian spoken in Serbia.  The technical term for a case … Continue reading One Language, Two Alphabets

Dragons in Serbian Mythology

Serbian cultural heritage abounds in myths and legends, and each corner of Serbia, depending on its particular tradition and influences, has stories of its own. Each part of Serbia, depending on tradition and ambient, has its myths, legends, stories, spells, toasts, folk songs, customs, and historic events that can’t be found in chronicles, almanacs or … Continue reading Dragons in Serbian Mythology

Protecting the Danube

The Danube is one of the most important areas in Europe for biodiversity, yet its wildlife is increasingly coming into conflict with human interest. In this article, I will explore some environmental issues relating to the Danube and what is being done to protect it. Dikerogammarus villosus is an invertebrate which is colonising large areas … Continue reading Protecting the Danube