The Serbian Alphabet: Cyrillic and Latin

Serbian language can be written in both alphabets: Cyrillic and Latin. The Cyrillic alphabet dates back to 860 when the Byzantine Christian missionaries and brothers Cyril and Methodius played an important role in Christianization of the Slavs. The Serbian Cyrillic alphabet (Serbian: српска ћирилица / srpska ćirilica) was reformed/revised in 1818 by Serbian linguist Vuk Karadžić who introduced phonemic principles in the language.
For example, he removed non-phonemic letters like: Ѥ ѥ (је) Ѣ, ѣ (јат), Ю ю (ју); and added phonetic: Љ љ, Њ њ, Ћ ћ, Џ џ.
The Cyrillic alphabet is considered to be more traditional than the Latin, but it is still the official alphabet of the Republic of Serbia, with the Latin being regulated with a “lower level act”.

cyrilic is not dead

Graffiti: “Cyrillic is not dead” it says in English, but it is written with the phonetic Cyrillic alphabet.


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