Yiddish Music in London

Yesterday, three of us from the Yiddish Danube group took part in the Zingt Music workshop at JW3, a modern Jewish Community Centre on Finchley Road. The workshop brought together people from across London and from various age groups to celebrate Yiddish music and join in song.       We sang along in Yiddish … Continue reading Yiddish Music in London

Yiddish Theatre

Theatre is one of the emblems of Jewish life. The turning point of Yiddish theatrical development is the well-known author, Abraham Goldfaden. He is the founder of the first professional Yiddish theatre troupe, and brings revolution to the Yiddish operettas and comedies. Therefore, the trend started to spread from Romania, to the neighbouring countries, and then … Continue reading Yiddish Theatre

Interactive Map of Yiddish London

From ‘LDN’ to ‘Landan Town’ or more popularly referred to as ‘The Big Smoke’, London is an important city, not just as the capital city of the United Kingdom, but a capital city acting as a hub of networks and more importantly a place emphasizing trends, tastes and fashions, underpinned by continuity and change. More recently, … Continue reading Interactive Map of Yiddish London

Sigmund Freud: Global Citizen

Author: Layla Mostaghimi As a group which is tasked to record Yiddish London, we felt that we cannot go on without putting at least a small record about Sigmung Freud (6 May 1856 – 23 September 1939) the founder of psychoanalysis. Freud was born at the height of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Moravia, what is … Continue reading Sigmund Freud: Global Citizen

The Yid army- Proud representatives of London Jews, or offensive anachronism?

Author: Remy Roberts “We’re Tottenham Hotspur, we sing what we want! Yid Army! Yid Army! Yid Army!  Yiddos! Yiddos! Yiddos” How did Spurs get here? How did one of London’s major football teams- formed in 1882 and in unremarkable circumstances- become the self-professed home of the capital’s Jewish football fans? It started after the club … Continue reading The Yid army- Proud representatives of London Jews, or offensive anachronism?

Kosher Food in London

On Thursday, two of us went to a kosher restaurant, called SOYO in Golders Green road. While Whitechapel is always regarded as the most well-known Jewish area in London,  Golders Green is also one of the largest Jewish areas in London, and Yiddish-speaking people account for a prominent part of the community there. The Jewish … Continue reading Kosher Food in London

Summer School 2015

Hi everyone!!  We’re the Yiddish Group within the Danube-On-Thames series, and are investigating Yiddish culture throughout the Danube as a whole. Unlike the other spheres of investigation, Yiddish culture is heavily important, for its presence not being confined to one country but spread throughout the Danube. The significance of this is high, for it represents … Continue reading Summer School 2015

The Yiddish Language

Author: Zahra Al-Hadi Sholam Aleichem dear Yiddish-enthusiasts. Want to understand what Yiddish is all about? Well, where does one begin? Like the meandering and unpredictable nature of the Danubian River itself, the journey of the language’s history and variety draws a great parallel to the depth and evolving nature of the waters. To understand it, … Continue reading The Yiddish Language