Summer School 2014

Here is a selection of projects on which the Germany/Austria group worked last year in the second edition of the summer school.

Navigator: Philipp Köker

Crew: Coco Wong, Cecilia Cheung, Vanessa Yim, Cesare Cuzzola, Flik Welsh, Julia Brow, Zita Emmanuel, Anna Carter, Jeff Gu, Candy Qu, Claire Lightfoot

Austrian Cuisine

Food is an important part of the Austrian culture. Meals are treated as a celebration and often last for hours, characterised by ‘Gemuetlichkeit’ which is distinctive to Austrian culture. Gemuetlichkeit represents a happy mood and sense of well-being. Austrian cuisine has been heavily influenced by the extent of the Habsburg Empire, which stretched from the … Continue reading Austrian Cuisine

Danube School

The Danube School (or Donauschule) is the name of a group of painters of the beginning of the 16th century living mainly in Bavaria and Austria. Landscape painting and highly expressive figures are the trademarks of the members of the school. The main representatives were Albrecht Altdorfer, Wolf Huber and Jörg Breu the Elder. The … Continue reading Danube School

German Accents and Dialects

German has countless dialects. The memorable pub scene in Quentin Tarantino’s 2009 film Inglourious Basterds shows exactly so with the British spies raising suspicion when a Nazi officer with a keen ear for accents questions the origin of the officer’s accent. Accounting both Germany and Austria, the two German-speaking countries along the Danube, the variation … Continue reading German Accents and Dialects

German and Austrian Food in London

We went to visit Kamps Bakery which is situated on Tottenham Court Road. They sell a variety of German breads and pastries in addition to sandwiches and snacks. Next, we visited the Kipferl Parkcafe, a ‘garden kiosk’ in Gordon Square serving a combination of tradition Austrian sausages and snacks including Mozartkugeln, a chocolate, marzipan and … Continue reading German and Austrian Food in London

The Blue Danube

The Blue Danube original German in full An der schönen blauen Donau (“On the Beautiful Blue Danube”),  waltz by Austrian composer Johann Strauss the Younger, created in 1867. The work epitomizes the symphonic richness and variety of Strauss’s dance music, which earned him acclaim as the “waltz king,” and it has become the best-known of his many dance pieces. The Blue … Continue reading The Blue Danube

Am Quell Der Donau

Friedrich Hölderlin, a German lyric poet who lived between the end of 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, used the Danube as a subject for his poems. Rivers, such as the Neckar and the Danube, are recurrent themes in Hölderlin’s poems. Water appears in numerous forms, from springs to streams, in the description of … Continue reading Am Quell Der Donau

German is Fun

German is famous, almost infamous, for its ability to make compounds words by simply adding more and more affixes. The combinations are virtually unlimited. As Mark Twain put it, “Some German words are so long that they have perspective.” Below is an article which lists 8 ridiculously long, yet still correct German words. Of the … Continue reading German is Fun

Austria in London – Short film about Peter at Newcomer Wines

Firstly we browsed Google for a few hours searching for Austrian or German culinary locations in London. Ultimately we decided to make our film about Newcomer Wines, a revolutionary wine store selling only Austrian wines in Shoreditch. This trendy location captures the authentic essence of the city rather than ‘tourist London.’ It’s renowned for it’s … Continue reading Austria in London – Short film about Peter at Newcomer Wines

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