Roksanda Ilinčić – Danubian Fashion and Fusion in London

Roksanda Ilincic is a Serbian-born fashion designer whose work has become famous among the London fashion community because of its dramatic vibe. Thanks to her dramatic and chic designs she attracts a high profile clientele. Roksanda’s most famous fans include Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Emma Stone and the actress Keira Knightley. Her taste for fashion has developed early. Since the age of eight, she experimented with fashion and actually cut off one of her mother’s Yves Saint Laurent dress. She recalled that the act was rather rebellious and her mother was indeed devastated by her daughter’s naughty action. This early passion later set her up for an artistic path: she went on to study architecture and design at the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade. She then continued her education at Central Saint Martins in London in 1999, from which she graduated with a MA degree in Womenswear. She also met her husband at that school. After graduation, Roksanda set up her own brand and later on was sponsored by Fashion East. On September 2005, she had her first fashion showing: a Spring/Summer 2006 collection. As a perfectionist, she recalled to overlook everything, from the table arrangements and the colour of the flowers.


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in one of Ilincic’s bold dresses 

Roksanda describes herself as being half Montenegrin and half Serbian. She was born and raised in Belgrade when it was still a part of Yugoslavia. Roksanda shared her experience growing up in Yugoslavia as very memorable. She said in one of her interviews: ‘Under Tito, we didn’t quite belong to the Eastern Bloc. We were the only country that was independent – we were in the middle and open to everything. You could travel to both America and Russia without a visa, which was amazing.’

Roksanda confessed that her mother was a great inspiration to her. Growing up from a relatively privileged background, she had the chance to follow her mother’s private dressing where she watched her getting dressed for big events. Her mother’s taste for pure, classic fashion has inspired many of her collections. One of which is her newest Autumn Winter 2014 collection.

Roksanda Ilincic London Fashion Week show: Roksanda Ilincic AW14 Collection

As Yves Saint Lauren was her mother’s favourite brand, it has continued to be a source of inspiration for Roksanda as well. Indeed, she collects his vintage pieces and a lot of her work has been compared to his. She also confessed that her mother is one of the strictest critics and it has helped her a lot in her career, making her a perfectionist who pays careful attention to little details.

The fashion designer: Yves Saint Lauren

Roksanda continues to work between New York and London, and below is a sneak peak at her Pre-Fall 2014 Collection.


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