Day 8

Our Summer School is almost over and our trip down the Danube reached the Delta. Sadly, we now have to prepare for our final day as a crew sailing down the Danube.

Lectures are all done, language sessions are over and today we are only finishing our project work: the last details of our short documentary video, our last blog entries and a bit of retrospective view on these amazing two weeks.

We met some great people from all around the world, we made new friends and we learned about the Danube, Europe and London. Meeting new people actually helped us understand the great degree in which nations influence each other and how different people helped shape Europe and the World.

We all feel that “being a global citizen” is much more than a political phrase. Technology and social media brought almost everyone together so it’s really important to get an insight into other cultures and understand that we are not at all as different as we’d like to think.

Instead of a farewell, we’d rather invite all of you to try this amazing summer school and get the chance to learn about a rich and diverse region of Europe, with its romance, tales, myths, legends, people and languages.


Slovak Team 2017