Navigator: Maria Florutau

Crew: Tegan Carter, Heidi Chan, Karen Chen, Noorjahan Hossain, Maya Howard, Anna Tarasenko, Charlotte Weekes

This is the page of the Romanian group of the UCL Global Citizenship Danube Summer School 2017. Throughout the first two weeks of June, we will explore the culture, history, language, politics and economics of Romania and track the connections between Danubian Romanian language speakers and London through the media of film, poster and blog. Below there are a short video on the Danube Delta and another on life in the Danube Delta in the 1960s (last one in Romanian, but the footage speaks volumes).

Welcome on board!/Bine ati venit la bord!




Summer School 2015

Here’s a very warm welcome to the page of the Romanian group of the UCL Global Citizenship, 2015 Programme! This year’s topic is ‘Intercultural Interaction’, and together we shall explore both the regional dimensions of thinking about (and with!) the Danube, as well as the flow of people and ideas connecting London and Romania (in our case!). … Continue reading Summer School 2015

Romania Summer School 2016

Bună ziua! We are the Romanian group of the Danube Intercultural Interaction Global Citizenship Summer School at UCL. Over these two weeks we will be exploring Danubian culture and reflecting on what we learn from a Romanian perspective, including learning a bit of the Romanian language along the way. Crew: Nancy Amelia, Arya Aditi, Nicholas … Continue reading Romania Summer School 2016

Constantin Brâncuși: The Endless Column/ The Column without End

Constantin Brâncuși: The Endless Column/ The Column without End.   By Maya Howard This blog post explores Constantin Brâncuși’s famous sculpture the Endless Column as part of an exploration into Romanian culture and art.Constantin Brâncuși was born in 1876 in the Romanian village Hobiţa, not far from the town where the sculptural ensemble stands today. … Continue reading Constantin Brâncuși: The Endless Column/ The Column without End

New Art, New Romania

By Karen Chen Contemporary Romanian art has been described as being on the rise -much like Romanian film, there has been a new wave which has spread across continents. Exhibitions including Romanian artists, notably Adrian Ghenie, have spanned from LA to Berlin, with many Asian buyers at their doorsteps. This rise of contemporary art however, … Continue reading New Art, New Romania

Arhitectura și secretele sale

By Noorjahan Hossain A countries architecture visualises its story. Each building symbolises a different era, a different concept, a different culture. Romanian architecture varies from different eras and different parts of the country, showing the variety and diversity. Romanians oldest buildings are made up of monasteries and churches, including the famous collection of painted monasteries … Continue reading Arhitectura și secretele sale

Romanian Rose

Sabrina is a Romanian student who moved to London about ten years ago and the subject of our portrait. She followed her mother and older brother who moved to London a year before her. Her transition from moving to London at 17 years old to be with her family, speaking very little English, to studying … Continue reading Romanian Rose

Romanian Cinema: The ‘New Wave’

By Charlotte Weekes Romanian cinema was limited for many years by the repressive regime of Nicolae Ceaușescu. The fact that Romania later emerged as one of the most vibrant and exciting filmmaking centres in Europe, initially seem extremely far-fetched. Yet, after Romania became free of communism, a generation of highly talented young Romanian directors produced … Continue reading Romanian Cinema: The ‘New Wave’

Summer School 2013

Here is a selection of projects on which the Romanian group worked last year in the first edition of the summer school. Amongst others, crew members looked at ethnic groups along the Danube as well as endangered flora and fauna. Click on the screenshot below to find out more.

Summer School 2014

Here is a selection of projects on which the Romania group worked last year in the second edition of the summer school. Navigator: Jack Reilly Crew: Giuliana Militello, Joseph Lambert, Rahul Mane, Talia Craiu, Tsun Ming Lai, Thomas Fenton, QIANQIAN ZHAO, Ruoyu Wang, Nazirah Banou Salauroo, Owen Howells, Zena Al-Attar, Holly Porteous, Szonja Kolbenheyer, Wen Yeo, Abbas Mir Mohammed