Day 5


Ahoj, everyone!

With the start of this new week, our sailing along the Danube goes on. If it were to put this geographically, we assume we’ve reached Budapest by now and we’re going speed up to Belgrade, the last capital on our way down to the Delta and the Black Sea.

Today started with a lecture about Jewish communities in the Danubian region. We learned that some important Jewish figures originally from Danubian countries migrated to London’s East End and then traveled back to Vienna. We realized that although geographically and culturally very different, London and Danubian Europe influenced each other and had a great impact on our current European cultural layout. We’ve explored the first translations of Shakespeare’s into Hebrew and looked and the differences between the original text and the translation, which was adapted in order to be comprehensible to the Jewish readers in Europe. An interesting aspect, which we think it’s worth mentioning, is the biblical inspiration for the translation of Shakspeare’s characters’ names, like Othello who became Ithiel or Romeo and Juliet, Ram and Yael.

Later in the day, our team worked a bit on some articles about stunning less-known things about Slovakia which we plan on uploading on our blog, later this week. We also talked a bit about a special section on our blog, dedicated to Slovak Personalities, which we’ll also prepare and publish by the end of the week. In addition to this, we managed to make some progress with our short documentary video.

In the language session, we learned about Slovak cuisine and some basic vocabulary to get us going in any Slovak restaurant. Professor Olga also showed us the linguistic similarities between Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian, Bulgarian and German, when it comes to food or drinks. We, therefore, got a more thorough insight into the Slovak culture which we all appreciated very much.


We now have to sail on!