Summer School 2017

Szia world! Welcome to the best, non-linguistically-conformist Danube-on-Thames 2017 group, Team Hungary!

Magyarok vagyunk! As Danubians, we strive to explore Hungary: its history, its language, and its people. Similarly, we’re looking at the transition of migrants from Hungarian to London.

Navigátor: Pola Awdankiewicz

Legénység: Amy Patridge, Darius Pop, Harriet Bicknell, James Brent, Maggie Yang, Maria Miscouridou, Robert Vilkelis, Tahmid Choudhury, Teodora Lazar, Yiwei Wang, and Clara Cuonzo.


Follow our travels through our log book entries here!

Magyarok vagyunk!

Introducing the Danube-on-Thames Hungarian crew! Hi, I am Amy. I’m a first-year student studying French and German. I love learning languages and chose Hungarian because I was eager to try something completely different. My name is Clara and I study history. I am interested in languages and interactions of cultures. That’s why I chose Hungarian: … Continue reading Magyarok vagyunk!

Jó étvágyat kivánok

The food of Hungary, like the language, can be seen as a melting pot of the continent which produces its own original cuisine from the Magyar people. It shows elements of ancient Asiatic components mixed with Germanic, Italian, and Slavic undertones creating a unique and delicious cuisine. Hungarian cuisine is known for its hearty, comforting … Continue reading Jó étvágyat kivánok

Hungarian Education System

When searching BBC for news about Hungary, one of the most frequent words associated with this country has been education. This has also been one of the most interested topics among students. Therefore, this article will investigate the educational system in Hungary. The last year of kindergarten (usually at the age of 5), primary school … Continue reading Hungarian Education System

Magyar filmek

The best way to learn a foreign language is to watch a film in that language. I searched online and found one famous Hungarian movie called “Satan’s Tango”. It was about 7 hours which was really long so I had to be very patient to finish watching it. There are quite a lot of long … Continue reading Magyar filmek

Erdély története

What do you think of when someone mentions Transylvania? Bram Stoker’s novel ‘Dracula’ has meant that we often associate the region with vampires and the supernatural, whereas it is simply a region bordering Hungary and is (as of now and in the foreseeable future) a part of Romania, with both countries being along the banks … Continue reading Erdély története

Traces of the Danube in Venice

The Danube makes its way through Central and Eastern Europe, touching the boarder of many countries before emptying into the Black Sea. Still, in 2017, it seems to have stopped in Venice too.  A simple and clear message ‘Peace on Earth!’ is conceived through the artworks created by Gyula Várnai in his studio in Dunaújváros, … Continue reading Traces of the Danube in Venice


  The most challenging, yet rewarding part for us was trying to approach a stranger, take a portrait of them and make a documentary. In the first week, we had a lot of rejections when some of us tried to find someone around London because people were either a bit suspicious of our intentions or … Continue reading Enikö

Globális állampolgárság

What does global citizenship entail? Over the course of two weeks we have been learning about this concept. The last century has led to more human deaths from conflict than the rest of human history combined. Many of these were due to often unjustifiable notions of religion, race and class. As globalization continues traditional divides … Continue reading Globális állampolgárság

Last Hurrah

As the two weeks come to a close I am beginning to reflect on what I have learned as a navigator for the programme. I have always told my students, especially in moments of doubt, that with everything you do in life – there is always a lesson to be learned. And whilst I hope … Continue reading Last Hurrah

Híres magyarországi romák

  Following this weeks lecture on Roma culture along the Danube, we thought it would be interesting to profile prominent Roma individuals, who made a difference and inspired others.   Menyhért Lakatos was a famous Hungarian Romani writer, who wrote the critically acclaimed book ‘Füstös képek’. It has been translated into more than half a … Continue reading Híres magyarországi romák

Filming [a documentary] on the Danube.

Here is the documentary my students made during the Danube Summer School, as a part of the Global Citizenship Programme. We hope you like it – we worked really hard on it! Special thanks to Enikő for letting us interview and film her! Köszönöm 🙂