Magyar filmek

The best way to learn a foreign language is to watch a film in that language. I searched online and found one famous Hungarian movie called “Satan’s Tango”. It was about 7 hours which was really long so I had to be very patient to finish watching it. There are quite a lot of long takes in the film, and although we did not use this technique in our documentary, I still noticed that. The whole film is in black and white even though it was made in 1994. The story takes place in the countryside but it’s not about easygoing life. The discussion of freedom, aloneness and despair make leave me breathless. Nobody in the film has any hope for life, and they hurt each other without unknowingly. All they do is to wait for their death because life is meaningless to them. I can’t say I like this film but it is a magnificent work of art. Some philosophy problems were represented by the director, which make us see the weakness of humanity.


I personally prefer happy films rather than such deep ones, but I think it is the pride of Hungarian film industry. Modern Hungary is less likely to have the same problems like those in this film because collective farm property is no longer the way that people choose to live. From the Hungarian lesson we learned a lot about the Danube River, with vitality. Also, all the Hungarian people I know are really nice and kind, therefore I think this film is not a good representative of the modern and lovely country.

To be honest, I cannot understand anything without the English subtitles, but I can catch some of the words like “szia” and that made me very excited. It is a beautiful language and I am really enjoying it.

– Maggie