Glazba to My Ears

Music is undoubtedly a fundamental aspect of any country’s culture. In Serbia, this is epitomised by EXIT Festival, a famous celebration of democracy and freedom in the Balkans. It started in 2000 as a collaborative student movement in the University Park. Many former parts of Yugoslavia and surrounding countries – Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia – have similar festivals but with different names, such as: SEA STAR, held in Croatia; REVOLUTION, held in Romania; and SEA DANCE, held in Montenegro.

Although the first aim of EXIT was to celebrate that Serbia’s post-Yugoslav independence, today the festival has become one of the greatest and most well-known summer music festivals in Europe. EXIT was the first festival to invite foreign bands and singers to Serbia;  there wasn’t anything like it prior to its introduction. When it began, young people established camps on the either side of the Danube, which means that today, visitors can only reach this famous site by crossing the river. Nowadays, the festival is enjoyed not only by Serbian youths but guests from other European countries.

This year, EXIT Festival will be held from the 5th – 9th of July. Lots of famous bands and singers, including The Killers, Years & Years, Jeff Mills and Alan Walker.