Day 4


As the week comes to an end, our work is still in its early stages. We began with a lecture on the Danube, particularly focusing on its structural significance and the effects that it has on culture within Europe. Following this we continued the day as normal, particularly focusing on preparing for our interview, which we recorded that evening.

We learned about some historical figures in our Slovak class, such as Dubček, and some more vocabulary to help us navigate a city in Slovakia- where is the museum? neviem, ja som turista.

Our project time was spent in going over our interview questions and the video material that we would need.

Jenny, Lizzie, and Tiffany then went on to meet with Miriam for the interview.

It was a rainy day that forbid any outside footage, but we were fortunate to find a calm interior space to go on

hfdgwith the interview. We interviewed Miriam for around an hour and found the conversation flowed naturally, discussing her faith, her attitude towards languages, her opinions of Slovak culture, and her love for London.It was a rainy day that


One talked, one recorded, one typed: we all listened to Miriam and joined in here and then with the conversation. It was incredible to speak with her and see how open she was with her experience- and how enthusiastic we all were from the exchange! Tiffany, Lizzie, and Jenny then filmed clips around the lake at Canada water, and also got some footage of the tube station, which they hoped to include in the film, due to the fact that this is the area in which Miriam is living.

As the interview came to an end, we all felt uplifted and excited about the experience -did we just really do that?  We look forward to creating something, an honest and friendly 3minute film, for you all to meet Miriam.

It was a very nice experience, both exciting and somehow comforting. A stranger has opened up to us and she is now no stranger anymore.




We have learned about a Slovak in London, about her feelings and about Slovakia. We are thankful and amazed at the kind, open and friendly people we have met thus far.