Slovak Personalities

As part of our voyage on the Danube, our team had the chance to get an insight into the Slovak culture. During language sessions, our amazing teacher spoke about Slovak personalities, Slovak culture and the treasures Slovakia has, whether we think of architecture, religion or natural attractions.

We also discovered how Slovaks helped shape our modern society, so we’d like to dedicate this page to some Slovak personalities we think are relevant in showing how Slovakia played an important role in the development of our world.

Our aim is to write some brief articles about three amazing Slovaks who, in our view, deserve our gratitude. We’re sure most of you know about great personalities such as Alexander Dubcek so we’d like to dedicate this page to some maybe less-well-known but nevertheless amazing Slovak personalities.

Milan Rastislav Štefánik

As soon as you land in Bratislava (if you go there by plane), you’ll notice that Bratislava’s international airport (letisko) is called Milan Rastislav Stefanik. Therefore, we figured that our series of Slovak personalities should start with him. So, who was Stefanik? Milan Rastislav Stefanik, born in 1880, was a Slovak politician, a diplomat, a … Continue reading Milan Rastislav Štefánik

Vojtech Gerster (Bela Gerster)

Vojtech (Slovak) or Bela (Hunagrian) Gerster was a Slovak-born engineer. He was born on the 20th of October 1850 in the Slovak city of Kosice, then part of the Habsburg Empire. His dedicated engineering work still has a great economic significance: he participated in an expedition to determine the route of what came to be … Continue reading Vojtech Gerster (Bela Gerster)

Vambery Armin

As an example of how interconnected the Danubian region is, the last personality of this rather short series is Vambery Armin. He was born on the 19th of March 1832 in Szentgyorgy, Austrian Empire, nowadays Svaty Jur, in Slovakia. He was born as Hermann Bamberger or Armin Bamberger. He was raised Jewish, but later became … Continue reading Vambery Armin