A Cultural Travel Guide to Bratislava!

Prosím si jeden lístok do mesta Bratislava!

Yes that’s right, I just ordered a ticket to the town of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia! I will be telling you the best places to see, what to eat and drink, where to stay and what to do in Bratislava for a day. So, sit back, relax and let this little cultural travel guide take you away to the heart of Europe!


I saw this beautiful hostel only 2.4km away from the city centre (I researched, and you won’t find anything closer to the centre). The vibe of Hostel Blues is cozy, basic and trendy, and for only £9.46 per person per night, it’s a great deal! So, now that you have settled in a hostel, let’s go see what Bratislava has to offer.

Breakfast time! For your first hearty breakfast on day one in Bratislava, go to Kava Bar, a cute little cafe with blackboards and an authentic and indie vibe. The perfect place to be to try Žemľovka, a sweet Slovak pudding made from apples and white bread soaked in milk.

ŽemľovkaKava Bar

Now, Bratislava Castlebecause we are so close to the Castle of Bratislava, we shall go there next. This castle was home to the Celts. It was also the main castle of the Hungarian Kingdom from 1531 – 1783! The castle provides a view of Bratislava, Austria, and on good weather, even Hungary! Great for our first stop.

Next we are heading to the Old Town to see Úľuv, the centre for Slovak folk art production. They provide craft courses for you to connect deeper to Slovak culture and tradition. They also have a museum of a large collection of folk crafts! I don’t think I need to say more…



So by now we are probably hungry. So we are heading to Prašná Baštaan elegant, low-key restaurant loved by locals.

Prasna Basta

Prasna Basta 1

But what to eat? Try Bryndzové halušky (sheep cheese gnocchi), Slovakia’s most traditional and famous dish. Tasty, and a great way to fuel up for the rest of our trip! And, if you are feeling risky, try Slovakia’s most traditional drink; Slivovica, a plum brandy, best by the brand Spiš Originál.








With your lunch, why not enjoy listening to Slovakia’s national anthem, including amazing pictures of Slovakia’s landscape and culture? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQJzqMdngKo

Next, let’s go see the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava, documenting the development of society in Slovakia, from the present, back to the middle ages.

Slovak National Museum

And now, for a stop at the Slovak National Theatre to see the The Slovak National Ballet! With tickets as cheap as 14£, you can enjoy what the heart of Slovak Dance Culture has to offer.

Slovak National Theatre

Slovak National Ballet

Wait, you are hungry again? Ok fine, let’s go have a unique dinner experience in full Slovak Tradition, at Modrá Hviezdac Restaurant, under the Castle of Bratislava. It is small, cozy, traditional and ancient style!

Lokše a Hus

What to have: Lokše a Hus– Potato Pancakes with Duck!


I really hope you enjoyed the Slovak experience! Slovakia really is one of the nicest countries of our Danubian Journey. But for now, Čaute!

– Caroline Walter

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