Last Hurrah

As the two weeks come to a close I am beginning to reflect on what I have learned as a navigator for the programme. I have always told my students, especially in moments of doubt, that with everything you do in life – there is always a lesson to be learned. And whilst I hope I was a good navigator, I hope I was an even better friend.

So, here are the things I learned from my wonderful students, during my personal journey along the Danube…

See if you can identify yourself!

  1. Always buy extra virgin olive oil, and make sure the olive is pressed only once.
  2. Slaughtering a pig as a right of passage is the norm – traditions ey?
  3. Polands most visited tourist attraction is unfortunately the Auschwitz.
  4. Learn something new every day. For instance – mujer means women in Spanish.
  5. You should be very proud to be Turkish. Sorry! I meant Cypriot…
  6. If you’re ever having trouble deciding between maths and languages – always pick languages. Everyone speaks a language, not everyone speaks ‘math’.
  7. Discopolo comes from Romania – therefore Romania the best country on earth.
  8. Count even your smaller achievements – like understanding only the word Szia when watching a 7 hour long Hungarian movie.
  9. Āmāra nāma Pola ( Bengali) is a billion times easier than Pola Vogyok (Hungarian).
  10. Scandinavia is amazing.
  11. Airdrop is a thing and it’s amazing.

And last but not least…

Never ever ever use iMovie again.