Day 8 Bulgaria

On Thursday, the team spent most of the day at the Phineas bar and Wolfson Study finishing up the documentary film and the website.  Whilst the media team was busy editing bits and bobs of the video, other members were finishing up on their written pieces to publish. In the midst of all the work, we also managed to make time to have a mini surprise for our beloved navigator Zora and our language teacher Yordanka! Cards and presents were gifted to them, in gratitude for all their hard work and guidance throughout the whole programme and making it such a wonderful and fun experience. It was truly another fun and productive day with the team. ❤

Despite it being the second last day with everyone in the team, and the project coming to an end, I personally cannot wait to show everyone tomorrow on what the team has accomplished throughout the 8 days being in the programme. As I am in the media team, I’m mostly excited to show the final product of  our video to others!

Yours truly,

Nadiah M Idham

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