Slovenské knihy – Slovak Books

When we interviewed Zuzana at the SSEES library, she also showed us some of the library’s collection of Slovak books.

To begin with, she showed us a book of Slovak art, including works by Zoltan Palugyay:


We were also shown Samko’s Tales by Daniela Kapitáňová, a book of translated short stories titled ‘Searching for Homo Sapiens’ and the feminist magazine Aspekt ( Zuzana told us that the feminist movement is much smaller in Slovakia than in the UK).

Showing us books of Slovak food and cookbooks, Zuzana remarked that apparently nearly all Slovak foods are made with potato, and recalled memories of a device that makes water bubbly (a sifon) that I didn’t quite understand. She also pointed out a picture of ‘pigi čaj’ – a brand of tea that ‘tastes like PG Tips but worse’.


Zuzana also showed us a book of newspaper cuttings  round the Slovak section of the library – noting its small size compared to the other countries present – and the online resources of the SSEES library related to Slovakia, including this map of the Danube region when Slovakia was part of Hungary. Bratislava can be seen, with its former name of Presburg.


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