Bratislava Night Life

If you’ll ever find yourself in Bratislava with nothing to do (which is highly unlikely), I recommend you check out Bratislava’s parties. Even if you are the kind of traveller that plans everything well in advance, I still strongly suggest you to go have a drink in one of Bratislava’s pubs and bars.

As in most Europena capitals, the night life is mainly located in the Old Town, i.e. the city centre. Here you’ll find most of Bratislava’s finest pubs and restaurants and some of its famous clubs with their flashy lights and loud music. Here you can find anything from jazzy wine bars to beer-drinking contests. As a side note, definitely try out Slovak beer.

If I convinced you, now it’s time for some handy tips: first, find a place that is not too expansive, maybe a small bar or a pub; try out as many Slovak beverages as you like, but beware not to try too much of them. You’ll still need to go back to your hotel. After you’re all in a good mood, it’s time for dancing in one of the clubs around town. A Slovak Travel Guide, citing Anastasia Saleh, 18, recommends The Club if you’re interested in a venue that plays great music.

If you’re not the dancing type of person, you may enjoy a karaoke bar. There are plenty and Slovaks will definitely try do their best to make tourists feel at home while in Bratislava. And this is another wonderful aspect of Slovakia’s capital: the optimism of this European city and the good vibes it gives tourists just make it a must see.

Now, as I told you, Bratislava has in store something for every taste. If bars and pubs are not really a thing for you, just walking through the historic streets of the city in the evening is a wonderful experience. Take some pictures with the castle, walk on the banks of the Danube or make some new friends. You’re on holiday.

If you’re heading back to your hotel, especially after a night of fun, be careful. You might want to take a map with you, as there won’t probably be many people on the streets to ask them for directions. Also, if you use the night bus, check carefully the schedule.

The only thing left now is to pack your things a catch the flight. Bratislava is a wonderful city and your city break there will be a great time. Take some friends with you and learn some basic Slovak which might come in handy: “Dobrj vecer! Ja som turista.”

Manuel-Iulian Cazac