Herzlich willkommen!

Welcome to the 2017 Danube Summer School page of the German group!

In the log book, you will be able to keep track of our daily adventures and experiences through the daily posts we will be taking turns in writing. You will be able to access through this page the articles the research team -Wanying, Rhea, Anthony- will have written together. One will be about linguistics, another about the Roma population, and the third one will be about an interview conducted with a Danubian migrant living in the U.K.

The documentary, which will be available on this page by Friday 9th of June, was carried out with Jasmine,  from Bodensee, Germany, who says she came to London in order to improve her English. In the documentary, she shares with us her experiences of urban and multicultural life, and the ways it differs from what she is accustomed to back in her hometown. She also expresses, in a light-hearted humor, her dismay regarding the turn the events have taken following the Brexit; in her own words:  ”…weil ich es schade finde, also ich denk, wenn man sich entschliesst doch eine union zu bilden und zusammen zu stehen, finde ich schade, wenn man quasi, wie du das sagst.. man tritt zurueck”*. While the film making group was initially led by Rita, Gergana, and Sicen, quickly other members of the group jumped on board (Cameron, Kou), and greatly contributed to its outcomes. Also, we are deeply grateful to Maria from the Ukrainian group, who made some time for us and was of valuable help in interpreting, transcribing and translating the interview that was almost entirely conducted in German.

The portrait project, led by Cameron, Verlina and Kou, was undertaken with great success despite some initial difficulties encountered at the beginning in finding participants consenting to be photographed and interviewed. We nonetheless eventually met N, who despite having some concerns regarding the way in which the data collected would be diffused, eventually agreed to an interview and have her picture taken (read more about her here). A consensus was eventually found as to which photograph should be chosen for the exhibition A Sense of Belonging: Mosaics from a New Portrait of London, for which the opening was on Wednesday 7th of June at Waterstones at 82 Gower Street (see the picture of all of us, with Tina, our German teacher, posing in front of the chosen photograph below). That same day, Kon and Cameron partook in a student panel as part of the “Foreigner Talk Workshop” to present their findings and observations during the fieldwork, as well as some funny anecdotes as to what happened when things didn’t play out as expected.

We look forward to share this exhilarating adventure with you!

Herzliche Grüße,

Juliette (Navigator)


*’cause I think it’s a pity… I mean, I think, when you decide to build a union, after all, and to stand together. I think it’s a pity when you… like.. how do you say it… you back out.