New Perspectives on Oktoberfest

The Munich Oktoberfest originated from 1810 in Munich for celebration of royal wedding. Kronprinz (Crown Prince) Ludwig was marriage to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on October 12th. Citizens were invited to celebrate this royal event via concerts, parties, balls, and even a horse race in the following day. The Royal family tended to hold the celebration every year. However, it was interrupted by Napoleonic Wars in 1813. Until1818, Oktoberfest had started to be operated annually.

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Oktoberfest takes place from the third Saturday in September to the first Sunday in October annually. Each time lasts for 16 days. It is a folk festival and plays a vital role in Bavarian culture. During this period, people gather in Theresienwiese, also called Wiesn, which is located in the center of munich, to celebrate the festival in various kinds of ways such as holding costume parades, funfair rides, enjoying food, music, folkloric dancing and the most popular one – beer drinking.

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Dates for Oktoberfest (2014-2017)

2014: September 20 to October 5
2015: September 19 to October 4
2016: September 17 to October 3
2017: September 23 to October 8

Oktoberfest has gradually become a global celebration festival. For example, other cities such as London holds Oktober Fest London from 8th to 11th of October with music and Oktoberfes decoration. It makes people just like staying in the Munich. Additionally, London Oktoberfes runs between 17th and 20th September in Canary Whalf.

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Nowadays, Oktoberfest is a representative event in Germany. It has attracted large number of people around the world exploring Germany. Approximately 6 million tourists are expected to attend the festival and consume nearly 7 million liters of beer on Munich’s 64 acres of tents every year (Source from: Huffpost Travel). According to The Guardian’s Ben Knight(2015), 9,992 people were able to stay in one single beer tent. 168 Oktoberfest Apps provided information for tourists to manage the experience. Furthermore, 878 metres of urinals were prepared for men.

In this situation, however, the festival was held accompanying with some problems. For example, a couple of people made some unwelcome atmosphere when they were drunk. The organizers put lots of efforts to combat with these rowdy, inebriated people. In addition, the price of a liter of beer has risen around 4 dollars in the past ten years. The residents were not willing to attend the festival due to the high price and they called it as Association Against Fraudulent Pouring. It seems like that the Oktoberfest is longer a Bavarian tradition, it runs for profits.

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By Mengxia Xu (Star)