Summer School 2014

We are the Hungarian group in the Danube Summer School 2014. Throughout these two weeks we have learnt about the many aspects of the Danubian basin from ethnography to investment, as well as getting our tongues twisted studying the unique Hungarian language.

We also split up into three individuals groups to go off individually and focus on creating a short documentary film, a poster and a webpage. The film group interviewed a Romani Hungarian painter, the website group researched geography, music and sport and the poster group created a display including information on industry, culture and the darker side of Hungarian history during WW2.

On our webpage here you can find all the above-mentioned information as well as much more.



Interactive Map – Danube-on-Thames
A Proud People with a Proud Language
An Ambassador of the West
Political Situation
Encapsulating the Nation
Sport in Hungary
Intercultural Interaction and Music
Robert Czibi: A Film Portrait
A Brief Sketch of Hungarian History

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