Summer School 2014

Here is a selection of projects on which the Hungary group worked last year in the second edition of the summer school.

Sport in Hungary

Football  – Like in the rest of Europe football is very popular in Hungary. In the current world ranking Hungary is on place 47. The last time Hungary has been able to qualify for a world cup or for the European championships was in 1986. However during the 1950’s Hungary was the leading football team … Continue reading Sport in Hungary


The geography of Hungary is dominated by hills and plains, namely the Pannonian Basin. Its territory is washed by the Danube for a distance of 417 km, splitting the relief in the Great Hungarian Plain in the southeast and the Little Hungarian Plain in the northwest, with the Transdanubian mountains at the centre. The Danube … Continue reading Geography

Robert Czibi: A Film Portrait

In our film we speak to a true Danubian Londoner – Robert Czibi. A Romani-Hungarian and one of a recent wave of Hungarians leaving the country to begin new lives elsewhere. Robert talks about his own personal experiences and challenges in doing this in London. Robert works as a chef, but also continues to pursue … Continue reading Robert Czibi: A Film Portrait

“An ambassador of the West”

Although it is near impossible to reduce a nation’s literature to a single brief description, according to Moses Nagy there exist six primary characteristics of Hungarian literature, including a certain indifference and “observational” rather than “moralising” tone, an intense and striking imagery and an authenticity of imagery rare in world literature. Perhaps most important for … Continue reading “An ambassador of the West”

Encapsulating the Nation

Symbols have an uncanny ability to influence ideas of nationality. Standing not as reflections of a temporary political, social or cultural situation but rather as shorthand for an always vague idea of ‘Nation’, they allow for some grip on the slippery question of what it is to come from a particular place in the world by … Continue reading Encapsulating the Nation

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