Our Log Book

Dobrý daň!

As we sail down the Danube, we’d like to show you how we feel and what we’ve been up to. Through our log, anyone can take part in our Danubian adventure and stay up to date with our team’s activities. We’ll post short texts, photos, and videos of us working and having fun so that you can all feel welcome aboard and part of our wonderful team!

2017 Slovak Team

As we complete our journey, the map above will help you keep track of our team. Our daily logs will all contain a visual representation of our journey from romantic Germany to picturesque Romania. We hope you’ll all enjoy it!



Day 1

Today we met our fellow crew members and our navigator as we started our journey down the Danube. Our morning started with a beautiful introduction to the linguistic and cultural diversity, from the Black Forest to the Black Sea. What we’ve learned was that nowadays Danubian states are far more diverse and rich, ethnically speaking, … Continue reading Day 1

Day 2

Wednesday started with a session about documentary film in which we saw many short film clips and following which we attempted some of the techniques that we had learned about. These attempts were then screened and praised (or critiqued) to help us with our short film. We were all successful in creating different shots with … Continue reading Day 2

Day 3

Thursday was truly a busy day for our team. In the morning, we had an interesting lecture about the paradoxes of rivers: we learned how do they connect and divide people at the same time. We also learned that the Danube played a crucial role in the lives of those who live near its banks. … Continue reading Day 3

Day 4

As the week comes to an end, our work is still in its early stages. We began with a lecture on the Danube, particularly focusing on its structural significance and the effects that it has on culture within Europe. Following this we continued the day as normal, particularly focusing on preparing for our interview, which … Continue reading Day 4

Day 5

Ahoj, everyone! With the start of this new week, our sailing along the Danube goes on. If it were to put this geographically, we assume we’ve reached Budapest by now and we’re going speed up to Belgrade, the last capital on our way down to the Delta and the Black Sea. Today started with a … Continue reading Day 5

Day 6

The day started with a two-hour lecture on Roma communities in Hungary and Romania. As we learned yesterday about the Bayashi language we were thrilled to learn today more about life on the banks of the Danube. We met some wonderful people who have been working and living within Roma communities in Hungary so we also got the chance to hear … Continue reading Day 6

Day 7- Foreigner Talks

As we come closer to the programme’s end and start to see some results- the short documentary is coming together, the portraits have been set up; fewer people show up at discussion panels. Yet the morning talks were oriented towards languages and more particularly heritage languages, the example of maybe a new emerging language (Rumañol) … Continue reading Day 7- Foreigner Talks

Day 7

Day 7 of our journey and we’re almost in the Danube Delta. The programme is coming closer to an end so today was our last opportunity to learn a Danubian language as part of our course. Ano, today we had our last language session and we realized how much we enjoyed Olga’s classes. Dakujem, pani … Continue reading Day 7

Day 8

Our Summer School is almost over and our trip down the Danube reached the Delta. Sadly, we now have to prepare for our final day as a crew sailing down the Danube. Lectures are all done, language sessions are over and today we are only finishing our project work: the last details of our short … Continue reading Day 8