Slovakia Team 2017


With summer almost here, we embarked on an adventurous trip along the Danube to explore the multiculturalism and the linguistic richness of this beautiful part of Europe.
During the following two weeks, our crew will meet some of the Danubians who live on the banks of River Thames, will listen to their stories and will learn the basics of one of the many Danubian languages, Slovak.

But before starting our adventure, we’d like you to meet this year’s Slovakia Team:

Tiffany Hemecker– Hey y’all, Suissesse in London. I’ve travelled a bit and studied in a few different countries so far; I am now excited about getting a glimpse into Slovakian culture! This coming week I am looking forward to practicing and discovering new skills; as much regarding technicalities to do with our projects as the promise of new faces and new adventures!

Jenny Yiwen Qin– My name is Jenny and I am from Chengdu, China but I was brought up in Manchester. I grew up in a small town and living in the bustling city of London has been such a big change this year, I have really enjoyed meeting new friends from other backgrounds and learning about life in this new city. My hobbies include listening to music and I like watching films from all genres;

Manuel-Iulian Cazac– Helo! I’m 20 years old and I study Philosophy. I’m originally from the Transylvanian town of Brasov (you know, where Prince Charles often goes). Since moving to London I became really keen on meeting new people from different countries and chat with them just so I can learn more about their cultures. I embarked on this adventure so that I can learn more about Europe and, of course, to find out more things about my own Danubian country, Romania;

Lizzie Richards– Hello, I am 19 years old, a first year student studying Politics, Sociology and East European Studies with a Year Abroad, and I live in London. I love studying Europe, and am currently trying to learn Russian Language;

Iustin Targovet– Hey there, first year Computer Scientist here. I am 19 years old and my passions include technology, music and languages. I come from a quiet town in Romania named Brasov and I love practicing sports and keeping in shape;

Zofia Ksiazkiewics– Hi, my name is Zofia and I am from Uppsala, Sweden but I lived in Poland most of my life. After spending a gap year in Italy, I moved here to London to study history of art. I am really enjoying my time here and countless I love exploring London’s galleries and museums;

and our entrusted navigator, Victoria Baltag.


note: In creating this blog, the team used various pictures, including some taken from Google Images. We hereby acknowledge that they were not our work.

Slovak Personalities

As part of our voyage on the Danube, our team had the chance to get an insight into the Slovak culture. During language sessions, our amazing teacher spoke about Slovak personalities, Slovak culture and the treasures Slovakia has, whether we think of architecture, religion or natural attractions. We also discovered how Slovaks helped shape our … Continue reading Slovak Personalities

Roma Communities in Slovakia

A brief view of Roma in modern Slovakia According to the report by the European Roma Rights Centre (2011-2012), Slovakia has one of the largest Roma communities in Europe, as shown in official statistics such as the 2011 census; but ‘the actual number of Roma living in Slovakia is likely to be much higher’. This … Continue reading Roma Communities in Slovakia

Slovakia 2017- Short

Here is our team’s contribution to the year’s short documentaries! We hope you will enjoy meeting Miriam as much as we did. This video is the cherry on top, with our blog, of what we will happily remember about this experience. It is also a reminder that anything is possible- editing a video was a … Continue reading Slovakia 2017- Short

Our Log Book

Dobrý daň! As we sail down the Danube, we’d like to show you how we feel and what we’ve been up to. Through our log, anyone can take part in our Danubian adventure and stay up to date with our team’s activities. We’ll post short texts, photos, and videos of us working and having fun so … Continue reading Our Log Book


The thriving Roma communities in Slovakia are known for their vivid and soulful folk music that are composed purely on the basis of passion and their desire for freedom. Their music and culture contrasts with the concert music played by classically trained Slovak musicians found in paid venues and events. The ethno musical project featuring … Continue reading afterPhuricane

Bratislava Night Life

If you’ll ever find yourself in Bratislava with nothing to do (which is highly unlikely), I recommend you check out Bratislava’s parties. Even if you are the kind of traveller that plans everything well in advance, I still strongly suggest you to go have a drink in one of Bratislava’s pubs and bars. As in … Continue reading Bratislava Night Life

Time For Slovak Litearture

Reading The Dedalus Book of Slovak Literature; an anthology of the literature from the 19th century onwards put together by Peter Karpinský, has prompted reflections to do with similarities of Slovak literature to movements (Realism, Romanticism, then here and there an influence from Nietzsche or Proust). While giving us a bird’s view of Slovak literature, … Continue reading Time For Slovak Litearture

Programme Finale

This has really been a marvellous project and it has lead me into paths in which I never I would cross before. Learning the Slovak language with Olga has to be the highlight of it all since she is such an engaging and insightful teacher, it has been very enjoyable to approach the foreign language. I … Continue reading Programme Finale