Summer School 2015

Here’s a very warm welcome to the page of the Romanian group of the UCL Global Citizenship, 2015 Programme! This year’s topic is ‘Intercultural Interaction’, and together we shall explore both the regional dimensions of thinking about (and with!) the Danube, as well as the flow of people and ideas connecting London and Romania (in our case!).

It may or may not be a coincidence, but Romania’s foremost Balkan big band, Taraf de Haidouks, committed to tape one of its most intense performances right here in London – see for yourself:

Their music draws on many influences from up and down the Danube and beyond, both eastward and southward. Village musicians from the country’s deep Danubian south, their songs keep a lyrical record of both Romanian and Roma traditional culture, sometimes with a more modern twist. If this sounds like quite a jumble – good! That’s preparation!

Finally, before this year’s blog gets off the ground, feel free to browse through the exciting posts of the previous two Summer schools 🙂

Navigator: Andrei Sorescu

Crew: Alastair Curtis, Alex Badescu, Anna Herrero Tejada, Ayush Singh, Bruno Reynell, Chanju Mwanza, Clara Yeo Zhe Xuan, Conrad Yung, KAI XIANG LIM, Mahalia Changlee, Máté Mátyás, Melissa, Shu Qing LIM, Miranda Teed, Misbha Mahmood, Natalie McCarthy, Seren Alaeddinoglu, Yanrui Ren, Yasmin Duffy, Zhen Jie Low

Travelling in Romania

Alastair Curtis, Chanju Mwanza, Yasmin Duffy and Misbha Mahmood Romania has long been considered something of an off-the-beaten track destination for tourists, resigned to the keenest inter-railers and the trendiest instagramming gap year travellers. But though it’s early days yet – for some it continues to have the reputation of a backward Communist hangover – … Continue reading Travelling in Romania

Visiting Romania

Lily Rose Fox Last summer, wanting to avoid a ‘yaah-I-went-interrailing-and-got-soo-messed-up-at-Outlook-in-Croatia’ experience (which incidentally I am probably going to do this summer…), being short of funds and always having had an interest in ‘Eastern’ Europe, two friends and I spend two weeks travelling around Romania, Bulgaria and FYROM. And Romania was my favourite country! What made … Continue reading Visiting Romania

Youth Culture in Romania

Edited by Alastair Curtis What was it like to grow up in Romania after 1989? What is it like growing up in Romania today? These are the questions we asked a number of friends and academic tutors, students at UCL and elsewhere. We received a diverse array of responses from as diverse array of locations … Continue reading Youth Culture in Romania

Romanian Music!

Misbha Mahmood It is said the Dacians – the very first of Homo Romanius- used guitars in their telling of tales whilst Priests sang melodies accompanied by guitar. Folk music is undoubtedly the oldest and purest form of music, integrated into the very heart of the Romanian society. Panpipes and the cobza form the very base of the … Continue reading Romanian Music!