Summer School 2016


Isten hozott!

Welcome to the 2016 Hungarian home page for the Danube-on-Thames strand of the UCL Global Citizenship Summer School. As host to the Danube, we aim to gain a better understanding of Hungary, including its history, language, and people, as well as further explore the transition of Hungarian migrants in London.

Navigator: Kayla Keller

Crew: Roan Chavez, Bonnie Cheung, Ellie Evans, Aishah Haris, Yassin Hjiej-andaloussi,  Ryan Law, Magdalena Misiewicz, Andreea-Oana Rimboiu, Beatrix Willimont, Wataru Tage amd Misan Aviomoh

Logs: Click here!

Animated characters of Hungary

Beginnings of Hungarian animation The Hungarian journey with animation is almost as long as the Danube itself – it started as far as 1709, when professor István Simándi of Sárospatak assembled one of the first projectors. His creation resembled in function today’s transparencies and was predominantly used for educational purposes. The art of animation was later … Continue reading Animated characters of Hungary

Hung(a)ry? Try this!

The Danube region is known for its cultural diversity. The mixture of people from different countries, speaking different languages, having different religions and beliefs left an impact on the area. But, the full picture might not be as easy to grasp. As much as it is a zone where people interact, it is also an … Continue reading Hung(a)ry? Try this!