Day 1


Today we met our fellow crew members and our navigator as we started our journey down the Danube. Our morning started with a beautiful introduction to the linguistic and cultural diversity, from the Black Forest to the Black Sea. What we’ve learned was that nowadays Danubian states are far more diverse and rich, ethnically speaking, than we might’ve imagined. We discovered that there are more Danubian languages than the few national languages we all know about.

Later in the day, our team had its first Slovak language session and it turned out our teacher, Olga Willett, was really impressed by our eagerness to learn Slovak. And also we were surprised to find out that we got the basics of this interesting language really quick so we could move on to reading in Slovak and introducing ourselves.

We also got an insight into the Slovakian community in London as we started making plans for our future tasks: taking a beautiful portrait of a Danubian migrant in London and documenting his or her life on the banks of the Thames in a short three-minute video.

The day ended with a comprehensive introduction to the Global Citizenship Programme, where we met all of the other strands and had a grasp of what it means to be a global citizen and how does our learning about the Danube contribute to understanding the global world we’re living in. Afterward, we had the chance to socialize with other participants in a lovely reception.

All in all, the first day was great and our team is looking forward to the next stops on our journey on the Danube river.

Teší ma!