Day 7


Day 7 of our journey and we’re almost in the Danube Delta. The programme is coming closer to an end so today was our last opportunity to learn a Danubian language as part of our course.

Ano, today we had our last language session and we realized how much we enjoyed Olga’s classes. Dakujem, pani profesorka! We’ll sure miss learning Slovak with you but, who knows?! Maybe we’ll take some more advanced classes. For now we’re all happy we got the basics of Slovak and that we learned a bit about beautiful Slovakia.

Later in the day, our team worked on our short documentary video. Tiffany, Lizzie, and Jenny did a wonderful job recording, interviewing and editing footage. Manuel worked on our team’s blog and everything settled for Friday’s grand finale.

In the evening we visited the exhibition to see our portrait of a Slovak immigrant in London. We’re proud to see our poster exhibited as part of the UCL Festival of Culture.

Afterward, the team enjoyed a burger made by some friendly Bulgarian cooks. The day ended with a drink and a friendly team-talk about the remaining two days of our journey.