Romania Summer School 2016

Bună ziua!

We are the Romanian group of the Danube Intercultural Interaction Global Citizenship Summer School at UCL. Over these two weeks we will be exploring Danubian culture and reflecting on what we learn from a Romanian perspective, including learning a bit of the Romanian language along the way.


Crew: Nancy Amelia, Arya Aditi, Nicholas Bailey, Cazzii Brown, Amy Chan, Amy Macpherson, Tom Rushton, Tara Sarangi, Yunsi Zhang

Navigator: Jakob von Baeyer

Romanian cuisine

As part of our language lesson yesterday we learnt about Romanian food; Ramona taught us about the popular foods and traditional meals. Main meals in Romania are often meat or fish based. For example, mititei cu cartofi prăjiţi, a grilled sausage seasoned with garlic and served with chips is a common dish. Also sarmale, a … Continue reading Romanian cuisine

Film Group Romania

Over the past two weeks the fascinating lectures, stimulating language lessons and interesting discussions in our group have helped us formulate our film. Thinking through these sessions shaped how we prepared, filmed and edited the documentary. As a group we thought through topics brought up, discussing what we felt was most important to include in … Continue reading Film Group Romania

Romanian Folk Music

Folk music is the oldest form of music in Romania, with a rich and diverse history, dating back to the Roman Dacian period. In general, it is characterised by its Balkan-style rhythms and the prevalence of the violin; though the style of music varies by region, as each has its own preferred instrumentation and multi-ethnic … Continue reading Romanian Folk Music