Film Group Romania

Over the past two weeks the fascinating lectures, stimulating language lessons and interesting discussions in our group have helped us formulate our film. Thinking through these sessions shaped how we prepared, filmed and edited the documentary. As a group we thought through topics brought up, discussing what we felt was most important to include in the film; we became particularly interested in the comparison of perceptions of London prior to moving here with the actual experience of living here. Another discussion that we felt ran through the programme was the question of an intermingling and a distinction of cultures along the Danube beyond just a nationality. Overall, this programme has helped us to tackle the wider picture and identify problems in an open minded, yet critical way, not only to try and understand the interactions of the people surrounding the Danube River, but also in a way that can be applied to further study of global problems as well as in our degree courses and future careers.
For our documentary subject we interviewed thirty eight year old Chris, a Romanian chef working in a restaurant on Caledonian Road. In the short film he shares with us his experiences of living and working in London, what he misses about home and why he feels he will always be a stranger in London. Enjoy!
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