Yiddish Danube on Thames 2016

Sholem-aleykhem, fellow Danubians!

It is our pleasure to welcome you all at the website of the one of its kind Yiddish strand of The Danube, a UCL Global Citizenship Summer School on Intercultural Interaction.

Please be our guest and follow short reports on daily lectures and Yiddish language classes as well as on preparations to make a short documentary and a poster. If you have more than a while, feel invited to cast an eye on insightful articles about Jewish culture and language.

We, studentn, promise to do our best.  There are aundzer lerer, Barry Davis, and aundzer navigator, Zora Kostadinova, to help us succeed.

Zay gezunt un shtark!

Navigator: Zora Kostadinova

Crew: Julia Elkouby, Jiayu Liu, Viktoria Makai, Kartik Mehta, Jude Omidiran, Lily Parsey, Xianya Qui, Disa Witkowska, Yuning Yang, Jingming Zhang

Yiddish Loanwords in Dutch: A Sociolinguistic Perspective on Yiddish

Author: Lily Parsey As a language not confined or associated to a particular state or territorial division, Yiddish carries a great diversity of influences from different regional and national languages in which it is spoken. It has been described as “the language without a land, without frontiers” (Isaac Basheva Singer). The main influences can especially … Continue reading Yiddish Loanwords in Dutch: A Sociolinguistic Perspective on Yiddish

Yiddish Tango

Yiddish Tango Author: Xianya Qiu When you start exploring Yiddish culture and art, you may soon find the term ‘Yiddish tango’. You might wonder how Yiddish, a language originating from central Europe and spoken by Jewish people, is related to tango, a popular form of music and dance in Latin America. This article will introduce you … Continue reading Yiddish Tango

Singing With the Whole Body

Author/ Editor: Lily Parsey For our documentary we were able to interview the amazing Bella Kerridge who gave us great insights into her life, the different languages she speaks and questions of identity and homeland. A very important aspect of her life we were not able to include in the final documentary was her very … Continue reading Singing With the Whole Body

Where East meets West?

by Disa Witkowska “Surreal, exciting and constantly surprising, Eastern Europe is an amazing warehouse of culture, history and architecture as well as mind-blowing scenery. Coverage includes: Planning chapters, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia&Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Survival Guide.” The advertisement … Continue reading Where East meets West?

Anecdotes from Shalvata

Authors: Julia Elkouby, Lily Parsey On Wednesday morning a group of us set off to visit Shalvata, the Jewish Holocaust memorial centre in Hendon. We went on this particular day as there are a feisty group of Yiddish speakers who meet up to talk Yiddish so we thought we could get some stories about Yiddish … Continue reading Anecdotes from Shalvata