A view of Bulgarian mountains

Bulgaria is known for its mountain ranges. Thanks to its 37 mountains, Bulgaria attracts many ski and snowboard enthusiasts in the winter as well as hikers in the summer. Tourists have many options to choose from. The best mountains to ski or hike include Rila, Pirin and Belasitsa.

Rila is located in the southwest of the country, and is home to some of the most beautiful monasteries and lakes in Europe. In addition, the famous winter resort Borovets is located on the slopes of Rila, making it the perfect spot for skiing or snowboarding. During the summer, most people visit ‘The Seven Rila Lakes’ due to its beautiful scenery.

rila summer

Rila in winter

rila winter

Rila in summer







Pirin is the second largest peak in Bulgaria, situated just at the south of Rila. It’s considered to have one of the most beautiful landscapes and lakes in the country. Similarly to Rila, it has a popular resort called Bansko. Bansko is great for skiing and it’s mostly suited for beginners. During the summer, most people hike via Bansko in order to get to the beautiful Pirin Mountains. At the top of the mountains, not only do you experience the amazing view of the city but you also get the opportunity to see the lakes and the waterfalls around it.

pirin waterfall

A waterfall at Pirin mountain

Another activity to look forward to if you are visiting around August is the Bansko Jazz festival. An annual festival that attracts a lot of people. It’s free and open to public. Not only do you get Bulgarian artists playing but other famous artists such as Scot Hamilton from the States, Steve Hackett from the United Kingdom have performed at this big event.

Lastly, Belasitsa is a small but an interesting mountain. It’s suited in the southwest of the country, as well as in Greece and Macedonia. Climbing to the top is very special during the summer because you get to see a spectacular view of the three countries at the same time. It’s the one place where you feel a sense of belonging to the three countries simultaneously.


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