German Football – Between Sport and Culture

uGermany is known for countless things like beer, rich history, but how can we forget about German football. It would not be an exaggeration to call Germany, one of the few countries with best players of the world.


Going back in time, what would be considered the first modern football club in Germany is Dresden Football Club, in year 1874. As time passed by, when it got to 1900 and further on, only within German Empire, 86 clubs existed. Since, the interest in football throughout the country increased dramatically, it was inevitable to launch a tournament between two big areas of Germany: West vs. East Germany. It seems to be a proven truth that all historic games have developed Germany filled with infinite passion and effort to improve their football in general, day by day.

In modern days, especially in 21st century, football is the most popular sports within the country of Germany. The National German football team ran by Joachim Löw, is composed of famous players like Thomas Müller, Mesut Özil, Bastian Schweinsteiger and many more.

There are two main stadiums that represent the successful German football; Allianz Arena in Munich, Bavaria and Berlin Olympics Stadium.

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Similar to many countries who treat football as the most celebrated sports by the citizens, and respect the sports spirit, Germany has a well-structured organization that is in charge of planning and working out all the tournaments and raising the awareness of the importance of football and sports matter and spirit: Deutscher Fuβball- Bud or DFB. This governing body organizes the well-known league even with the non-football fans outside the country, Bundesliga.

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It is interesting to note the real statistics of the result of German football. The players have shown some impressive results throughout the years. Unlike other neighboring countries along the Danube River, Germany hasn’t had too drastic ups and downs regarding their success in away matches and other types of tournaments. The two most remarkable results to take a look at are: their position as the second country after Brazil, to win Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cups for four times. In addition to this achievement, together with another football-strong nation, Spain, Germany managed to win the Union of European Football Association (UEFA) European Championship for three times, being recognized as the country with most wins under UEFA. With Germany’s continuous effort, they will ensure ‘football’ to be recognized as the cultural representation of Germany and Germans.

By Lea Lim