Ukrainian Cossacks

For almost 300 years the history of the middle and low Dnieper reaches was connected with the history of the Ukrainian Cossacks who came into being at the end of the XV-th century in a bloody contest between the East and the West. From the very beginning of their existence they presented a willful force which neither Polish nor Turkish sovereigns were able to subjugate.* Cossacks nowadays are what we call performers of djigitovka – Cossack trick riding.

Trick riding refers to the act of performing stunts while riding a horse, for instance, the rider standing upright on a galloping horse. It may also include hanging upside down off of the side of the horse while being attached to a strap and picking up an object from the ground or jumping on and off a galloping horse.

One of the schools teaching djigitovka is Ukrainian Cossacks School located in Kiev. Having visited many European countries and cities, Ukrainian Cossacks Show team keeps on familiarizing their inhabitants with the original culture of Ukrainian Cossacks and its unique national color, beauty and way of life. Not getting tired to work, they always ready to surprise more and more.**

The Ukrainian Cossacks Show team has a rich experience in cooperation with the famous persons, well-known actors, directors, performers. The team also provides horses for

different kind of activities conduct, assists in shooting, taking movie, music video, advertising actions.**

Maria Olejnik