Slovakia Team 2015

Slovak Embassy

Dobrý deň, vitajte! Slovakia Group!

Here is a selection of projects on which the Slovakia group worked during the third edition of the Danube ‘Intercultural Interaction’ Summer School. The theme is Danube-on-Thames: The New Eastenders and aims to explore the Danubian people, culture, history and language and the communities that have developed in London. 

Navigator: Stephanie Schiattarella

Crew: Aakash Patel, Bianca-Iris Buzatu, Charlotte Brett, Bradley Soh, Billy Seng Hoe Hue, Jessica Longley, Laura Russell, Marianna Kokoczka, Mary Newman, Tenghua Huang, Olivia Marshall, Caroline Walter

Man at work copy

Caption: Man at work

Hokej je zábava – to najlepšie zo sveta (Hockey is fun – the best in the world)

Slovaks love hockey and they have reasons to be proud of it, as nowadays many people agree that Slovakia is the European capitol of ice hockey. A few words on history of ice hockey in Slovakia In the beginning ice hockey was far less popular than very similar game bandy (often called winter football). It … Continue reading Hokej je zábava – to najlepšie zo sveta (Hockey is fun – the best in the world)

Jozef Urban – a Poet

 “Mesto všetkého, Čo za niečo stálo” Before the start of the Global Citizenship Project I knew little about Slovakia other than that it had nice castles and looked good on Google images. However, a couple of weeks later I find myself writing an article on one of Slovakia’s most influential poets Jozef Urban. I stumbled … Continue reading Jozef Urban – a Poet

Film: Slovaks in London

The 2015 Slovakia Group’s film: footage taken from the Slovak Embassy in London and around UCL campus Compiled and edited by Jessica Longley, Laura Russell and Mary Newman

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