The most challenging, yet rewarding part for us was trying to approach a stranger, take a portrait of them and make a documentary. In the first week, we had a lot of rejections when some of us tried to find someone around London because people were either a bit suspicious of our intentions or too busy to take part. Luckily, with the help of Dr Eszter Tarsoly, we went to a dental clinic, and finally found a lady called Enikö. She was really excited once she understood our intentions, presumably because Hungarian is such a small language that even Hungarians generally don’t expect to hear other people speaking it. After a long talk with her, she happily agreed to take part in our project.

She is a very bubbly person and she becomes talkative when it comes to personal experiences, thus even though we would love to record everything about her, sadly we will have to make a decision and keep only part of the information.

Therefore, in this blog, we will try to introduce her in a more comprehensive way to allow you to know this lovely lady.

Enikö comes from a small village called Kótaj, which is located in North-Eastern part of Hungary. The problem facing most people from smaller places, there are not many career opportunities. Thus, her parents kept telling her to leave the village to seek job. As a young girl, she was angry because she did not understand why her parents said so, however, she gradually understood their love behind it.


After her graduation in 2012, she came to London. The reason why she chose this city is not only because of her parents’ wish for her to go somewhere else, but also because she had friends that have settled in London who is able to help her. Enikö was not so confident with her English when she came, and she often felt frustrated because she could understand everything but unable to communicate in English. When one of our team members Robert tried to make a small joke on her, she didn’t seem to understand him; and sometimes she couldn’t correctly understand our question either, so her response went awry. At first she did not have really have a plan; she told us that she would take whatever job that was available to her in the beginning. Luckily, she found a job in housekeeping, and she was really happy with that job as she made many friends there. After around 10 months, she moved to a new job – waitressing, which was her dream job since she was young girl (little Enikö believed that waitresses get to wear beautiful clothes, have gorgeous long hair and they are the nicest of people). She did very well in this job that she got promoted until a manager!

However, Enikö ( as a teenager and adult) had a new dream job as a midwife which is also her major in University. But she realised that being a midwife can be very difficult in London, thus she decided to work at a dental surgery thanks to her background. She is  happy with her choice. In fact, she is such an optimistic person and she appreciates everything that her life has given her – including her careers. Her life in London also brought her the love of life. Her husband also works in London.

Although she has established a new life here in London, she wishes to move back to Hungary because of her relationship with her family, especially with her sister. But she would choose to live in the capital or other richer cities rather than her hometown. Oh, and she also wants a dog which may be difficult to raise here in London! A big difference between London and Hungary, she says, is that in London, people tend to come from different places and they may not stay long, thus her friends here tend to be more short-term, but in Hungary, the friends made are generally for life. Since most of her friends here are also Hungarian, it is highly understandable that she deeply likes the friendship style in Hungary. Her English is quite good now, but it is still more comfortable for her to talk in her mother tongue, therefore she thinks Hungary is a better place for her to live.

Now Enikö is living happily with her husband and she even showed us pictures of her wedding and honey moon. She is proud of her personal experience and appreciates her brave decision to move to London. She used to feel shy to talk about her Hungarian culture, especially because the little town where she was born is too poor to even be mentioned. However, she is no longer ashamed of her country, especially since she knows that we are interested in Hungary, both the language and the culture.

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-Maggie and Yiwei